The story of the priest in the Philippines who did not stop officiating a mass despite a typhoon

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Neither the danger of the typhoon, nor the strong winds, nor the water that entered the church, were enough to quench the warm faith of the priest Virgilio Salas de Philippines, who despite everything did not move from his place and continued to officiate a mass, being recorded in a video that became viral in Facebook.

The content that was uploaded on the social networks of the parish Immaculate Heart of Mary It shows that faith moves mountains and can be greater than anything, although for some that action was considered reckless as a misfortune could have occurred.

Father Salas also didn’t care that, during the natural disaster, few people had gone to the place of worship, which looked practically empty. His responsibility and love for God was stronger than everything, even more than the typhoon.

“Even in the storm and the non-stop rain. The wind is so strong, it keeps him restless. May the faith of each person be like this. Let us ask for this grace from Him ”, they wrote in the publication.

Similarly, in the Facebook of the parish gave more details of what had happened that day in their facilities in the heart of Bohol, where these strong winds generated in the Pacific usually pass.

“In the midst of Typhoon Odette last night of December 16, we did not stop doing Holy Mass although very few people attended. This is the commitment that the Church is always praying for you, ”they wrote.

A similar case lived the father José Cecil Lobrigas, who also celebrated a mass in the middle of a natural disaster with the help of rechargeable lamps and lights because the electricity was cut off in the middle of a storm.

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“There was a sense of fear, but the feeling of responsibility calmed me. I was so confident that even when the winds were strong, we kept our own, “said Father Lobrigas to .

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