The story of the woman who goes to mass every Sunday for her son to see from abroad on television

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The story of how we have lived the last few months would have been very different if we had not had technologies such as video calls, social networks or mobile phones with which to connect with the outside world.

However, very few have thought about what the pandemic has been like for many people who is unaware of these tools or they do not have these technologies to connect with the outside or to be able to contact their loved ones or friends.

It’s hard to imagine how difficult it must be to communicate with family members abroad without having a cell phone or internet access. Because, has surprised the originality of a grandmother 86-year-old from Mexico who maintains weekly ‘contact’ with her son without having to use devices.

According to Twitter user Siboney Flores, her great-aunt, Mrs. Margarita, has a son who lives in the United States, whom she doesn’t see as much as she would like. The octogenarian does not have a cell phone or Internet, but she has found a way to ‘connect’ with it: going to mass.

Every Sunday, the woman gets ready to attend mass in the Guadalajara Cathedral, where she is transferred by bus. The reason is none other than the recording of the eucharist and its subsequent broadcast on US channels, from which her son, Ray, can watch it.

“I don’t see him, but he sees me,” she says proudly, always putting herself in the front row so that it can be recorded on video, as her niece says, “Sometimes, when I happen to receive communion I even do a discreet little greeting“, Explain.

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According to his niece, his son Ray does not miss mass every Sunday, taking note of what her mother is wearing to tell him that he has seen him when they manage to talk by another means such as the telephone or a video call.

The moving story has gone viral on Twitter, with thousands of “likes” and comments from users who salute the originality of the woman, who will be able to see her son more often now, since Siboney herself He has agreed to lend you his cell phone so they can make a video call the next time they see each other.

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