“The Strength of a Son: Insights from Julián Figueroa’s Widow on Coping with Father’s Passing”

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The Death of Julián Figueroa and How His Son is Coping

On April 9, 2023, Julián Figueroa, the only son of Maribel Guardia, passed away at the young age of 27. He had married Imelda Tuñón, and together they had a son named José Julián, who now must deal with the loss of his father.

According to his mother, José Julián is aware that his father is no longer with them but knows that he is in heaven and always in their hearts. They make a lot of effort to prevent him from being saddened by the situation and provide him with a normal life.

Imelda Tuñón revealed that the whole family, including Maribel Guardia, is doing their best to make sure José Julián doesn’t see them upset. They want to protect the six-year-old boy from being saddened and want him to continue to develop normally, despite the loss.

Imelda Tuñón and her family will stay with Maribel Guardia in Mexico City to take care of José Julián while working. They don’t want to change his life and will continue to provide normalcy for him at school.

The family is making a great effort to provide support and love for José Julián during this difficult time. They know that he will always have memories of his father and that the sincerity of their love will provide him with the strength he needs to cope.

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