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The Subtle Sign Barron and Ivanka Trump May Be More Alike Than We Thought

The Subtle Sign Barron and Ivanka Trump May Be More Alike Than We Thought

Ivanka Trump, a well-known entrepreneur and former advisor to her father Donald Trump, prioritizes incorporating exercise into her routine, especially as a mother. In a previous interview, she mentioned that she starts her mornings at 5 a.m. with a dedicated regimen of exercise and meditation. Her goal is to be fully prepared for the day before her children wake up, allowing her to focus entirely on them during the morning hours. Ivanka also shares her father’s love for golfing, a sport that has also seen her youngest brother, Barron Trump, on the green with his parents. However, it remains unclear if Barron is active in the sport or merely an observer.

The privacy surrounding Barron Trump’s personal life keeps many details under wraps. Nonetheless, court proceedings have recently provided a glimpse into his at-home exercise habits. Notably, long before the Mar-a-Lago raid, Barron demonstrated his athletic abilities by playing as a midfielder for the D.C. United U-12 soccer team at the age of 11. This role would have certainly required a considerable amount of physical prowess, either natural or developed over time.

Barron Trump’s involvement in other sports teams remains a mystery. Interestingly, in a past interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Donald Trump expressed reservations about his son playing football, citing safety concerns. He conveyed that while he wouldn’t oppose Barron’s desire to play the sport, he would prefer to steer him away from it due to the potential risks. Ivanka, on the other hand, has indulged in football in a more casual and fun manner. One memorable instance involved her tossing around a football while donning a Gucci dress during a 2018 White House “field day.”

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