the successful Spanish series that is preparing a spin-off

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The landing of HBO Max a Latin America has made something very clear: the series only expand through the platforms and the variety offered by the catalogs is increasing. And the fictions originating in Spain, proved to be the favorites of the public since phenomena such as The Money Heist they positioned them at the top. One of them, who traveled the world with her profound story, has just announced a spin-off and his followers can no longer wait.

Is about Poison, the production of Atresplayer which is available in the region through HBO’s subscription service. Released in 2020, it was only this year when users around the world triggered the boom after learning about the memories of Cristina Ortiz, known in Spain as The Poison. And apparently, the plot has not yet finished because its creators have just announced its renewal.

It is that it is directed by The Javis –Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi- that stand out for the productions in which the diversity It is the main theme, played with the sensitivity and respect they deserve. In this case, they tell the story of a transsexual woman who rose to fame in the 90s and stood out for her very controversial and especially funny moments on television, becoming an icon of culture.

However, behind the brilliance and his success on the screen, his life is full of pain, abuse and struggle, making Veneno a chronicle that deserves to be told and heard. The success starring Daniela Santiago, Lola Rodríguez, Isabel Torres and Jedet not finished: now, it will be addressed in Dressed in Blue, a continuation of Venom. This was stated by Los Javis in the presentation of the 2022 series of Atresmedia.

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In this way, it will function as a second volume that departs from the specific history of La Veneno, but that will go through the circumstances of transsexuality at the time and that will feature the return of some characters such as Paca La Piranha. Likewise, the creative duo is already preparing a second season of their series Cardo, the fiction of the moment in Spain created by Ana Rujas with Claudia Costafreda.

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