The Suicide Squad raised $ 118 million worldwide

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The Suicide Squad It was received with good reviews from specialists and those fans who came to enjoy the film. Both in film, globally, and through HBO Max in the U.S. Sure, that alternative is one of the big reasons that affect the film’s box office performance, which is not the best. And something else: Free Guy, with Ryan Reynolds, premiered this weekend with great force. Another film that exploits absurd humor. Bad news for James Gunn!

The film headed by the protagonist of Deadpool it reached 28.4 million dollars in the United States and 50.9 million of that currency worldwide. Auspicious beginning to the story of a video game character who is alerted to his condition. Ryan Reynolds represents a strong appeal to a part of the market that might as well choose the tone of the film from James Gunn.

The Suicide Squad and their numbers at the box office

For its part, The Suicide Squad reached a total of 42.9 million dollars in the United States and about 118.1 million of the green currency worldwide. Estimates indicate the possibility that the film will reach about $ 70 million in theaters in the United States once its stage in those theaters is over.

There are factors to analyze to understand the performance of the tape. James Gunn. First, the pandemic and the regrowth of the Delta strain that scares many people who would otherwise go to the movies. Second, the movie is rated R and the boys cannot go to see her in the halls. Third, in the United States the film is presented at the same time on the platform HBO Max.

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Anything else? They will be wondering. One more variable remains to be analyzed: ¡China! The Suicide Squad It has not yet been released in that country, which tends to change box office numbers substantially. Keep in mind that it is a huge market and conquering it makes a difference.

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