The Supreme Court of Venezuela orders the Electoral Power to provisionally suspend the processes related to the election of the governor of the state of Barinas

The Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) of Venezuela ordered this Monday “the immediate suspension“of the procedures related to the election for the governorship of the state of Barinas, after the elections of last November 21.

El TSJ detailed that the measure has been taken after the Electoral Chamber of the Judiciary admitted, jointly, an action for constitutional protection that filed – “with a request for a precautionary measure” – the opposition politician Adolfo Superlano, claiming that the right-wing candidate for governor, Freddy Superlano, would be disqualified from holding public office for having “administrative and criminal procedures and inquiries” against him, that they attend the competent organs of the State.

Such a situation, explains the Supreme Court, would constitute the alleged violation of the constitutional rights to participation and suffrage, provided for in articles 62 and 63 of the Venezuelan Constitution. The suspension of the electoral processes, which include “the totalization, adjudication and proclamation” of the National Electoral Council (CNE), would be based “on the basis of the public and notorious facts related to the climate of tension between the political activists that make life in the state of Barinas, as well as the submission by the Regional Electoral Board of the totalization records to the National Electoral Board of the CNE “.

The sentence indicates that the plaintiff based his complaint on Resolution No. 01-00-000334, signed by the Comptroller General of the Republic, Elvis Amoroso, and which reports on the disqualification of the candidate for the governorship of Barinas by the Popular Will party, linked to alleged seditious actions and acts of corruption against the Venezuelan State.

According to information from the Supreme Court, the suspension of the election in Barinas will be extended “Until the merits of the matter are decided“In addition, the highest Venezuelan court ordered notification of the action to the CNE, the Comptroller’s Office, the Prosecutor’s Office and the President of the Legislative Council of Barinas.

The election of the position to governor of the state of Barinas is the only one that has not been defined after the regional elections. The ownership of that office was disputed in a very closed way by the candidates Argenis Chávez, representative of Chavismo, and the opposition Freddy Superlano, in a result that had required waiting for the counting of 100% of the votes cast and the revision of the electoral records by the National Board of the CNE.

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