The surprising role of Florencia Peña that will make you forget Moni Argento completely

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Florence Peña has a great career in the Argentine television industry, but without a doubt, one of his most important roles was the one he performed in Married with kids. The series starring this actress, Guillermo Francella, Luisana Lopilato Y Dario Lopilato It was a remake of the North American version led by figures such as Ed O’Neill, Katey Sagal Y Christina Applegate, which despite the fact that it was not so well received at its premiere, was consecrated by the hand of reissues. Today, there is practically no Argentine who is not capable of recognizing these characters.

This year, Florence Peña he was the protagonist of a completely innovative film focused on the world of television and the cruelty that runs through it. The panellist, tape directed by Maxi gutierrez, tells the story of Marcela (Peña), a woman who works in television but who, due to the mechanisms focused on physical beauty, begins to be left behind because of age. After failing in her attempt to convince the driver to help her with a commercial exchange with her surgeon, she will be the protagonist of an absurd accident that will unleash the worst consequences.

The Panelist is a satire on Argentine television and its completely frivolous mechanisms, which is supported by actors who have worked their entire career on television to support its story. The interpretations of Fabio Posca, Martín “Campi” Campilongo Y Soledad Silveyra they stand out in this production in which, once you understand the register and the credibility that it handles, you can enjoy it.

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If you were wondering where you could see it, you can take advantage of the fact that the film was released again as part of the Red Blood Festival. Currently it can be viewed online and without having to pay on the official website of the City of Buenos Aires, Let’s live culture, where there are also other titles that were part of the programming of the event that celebrates genre cinema and has been held since last December 3, with a closing date scheduled for this Sunday.

What happened to the play Married with children?

Before the outbreak of the pandemic, it had become known that Married with kids I was going to get to the theater. Guillermo Francella, Florence Peña, Marcelo De Bellis, Luisana Lopilato Y Dario Lopilato they were going to be part of this production that was going to premiere in the summer of 2021, 15 years after the end of the Argentine series. Due to the pandemic, the play was canceled, but Peña He slipped that the project had been refloated and that the only thing left to do was to agree on the contracts. Erica Rivas, Maria Elena In the series, he was not going to participate because he did not share the humor of the show. “Today the paradigm changed and there are things that we can no longer laugh at”, said the artist in her Instagram personal.

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