The Taliban go for control of the mosques to terrorize the Afghan population

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The taliban they continue with their seizure of power over Afghanistan. It has been almost two weeks since the extremist group took over the country’s capital, Kabul, and now they are launching into the religious control of the population. This Thursday, the newly established ‘Invitation and Orientation Commission’ has published a “Notice” addressed to local imams ahead of the prayer on Friday, the most important day for Muslims. In this way, the Taliban have begun to shape their policies and warn the population that will not admit any disobedience or opposition to its laws.

What the Taliban spread under the guise of “warning” is nothing more than a veiled threat to anyone who does not comply with their guidelines.

This notice to local Muslim preachers gives a main guideline on how this Friday’s sermons should be conducted: “We hope from all the esteemed imams that tomorrow, in Friday’s sermons, you will express your dignity and dignity. religious importance of obedience to the emir general and your other commanders and observe the principles.

With this “warning”, the Taliban stress the obligation of all Afghan citizens to obey, without resisting, the orders of the new authorities imposed by them, in this case to the emir general. The strong repression and violence with which the Taliban ruled Afghanistan during their previous mandate between 1996 and 2001 is well known. horrors to which the population was exposed To comply with the ‘Sharia law’ they crossed borders: stoning, public executions, physical punishment, amputations, torture, disappearances, persecutions …

Despair to run away

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Desperation increased on Wednesday among the thousands of Afghans ready to do anything to flee the new Taliban regime. Thousands of Afghans have been crowding for days at the gates of the airport, guarded by more than 6,000 United States soldiers, hoping to get on one of the flights chartered by western countries.

Despite a particularly chaotic situation, 88,000 people have already been evacuated on planes from the United States or its allies since August 14, the day before the Taliban entered Kabul and returned to power, the White House said.

The operations intensified in the last hours. Almost 19,000 people in total were evacuated in 24 hours between Tuesday and Wednesday, of which 11,200 for the United States and 7,800 for other countries. Among them many fear for their lives, often because they worked for the overthrown government or for NATO forces in the last two decades of war.

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