The Tavern: Stalker and the NFTs, the brutal Unreal Engine 5 with the Matrix, the TGAs and more

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Last Meristation Tavern held on Wednesday live at the Youtube channel of the magazine. Last of the year, don’t worry, because in 2022 we are still at the bottom of the canyon. In this, Albert, Motenai and Salva They review everything that has happened in recent days focusing on Stalker 2 and the NFT announcement, which seems to be showing its paw in the industry more and more frequently. We talk about its uses in games that are not designed for them, as well as those titles that have been created exclusively with this technology in mind.

In addition, during the Tavern we also reviewed the visual spectacle of the Matrix experience with Unreal Engine 5, something that seems from another planet. There is also time to talk about the winners of the Game Awards and the announcements of the gala, which had everything.


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