The Tavern: the new Oled model for Nintendo Switch and Assassin’s Creed as a service

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The Meristation Tavern returns to the load, and this time with two very topical issues. The first of these is that of Nintendo’s new Oled console for October, a revision of the Switch that has left a bittersweet feeling for those who were expecting a major hardware update considering that four years have passed since the original launch. We also reviewed how insiders have failed in many of the leaks that were said to be safe. Neither 4K nor more power. Was it expected?

What’s more, Albert, Salva and Motenai they also discuss other current issues. One of them is the Assassin’s Creed Infinity model that will be a service-type platform and that wants to offer the saga a new impetus. Are we running out of lonely deliveries as we have done now? What will this model be like?

All this and much more, in the Taberna de Meristation in the header of the video and in this link.


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