The tender greeting of Úrsula Coberó to Chino Darín for his birthday

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The actress from La Casa de Papel congratulated the protagonist of El Reino on his day. Learn all about the romance of these two Netflix figures!

Chino Darín celebrates his birthday with Úrsula Coberó.
© GettyChino Darín celebrates his birthday with Úrsula Coberó.

The series and movies show us the best Love’s stories. And although many of them seem impossible to achieve, the truth is that they can also happen in real life. That’s how they showed it Úrsula Corberó Y Darin Chinese, one of the most beloved celebrity couples in recent years. It is that since both became stars of Netflix, her fans want to know everything about her romance.

They met in 2016, just before the Spanish actress will star in The Money Heist in the skin of Such. This is how they discovered that they shared their main characteristic: the love for acting. The two met on the set of The Embassy, a series that revolved around a Spanish diplomat who worked in Thailand. However, corruption became the main conflict, giving way to new characters such as Ester (Corberó) and Carlos (Darín).

We worked together, we acted as a couple. I liked him very well from the beginning because he has a lot of spark”, The Argentine actor had assured in dialogue with Susana Giménez. It wasn’t until a few months later that the chemistry on the set turned into a more than stable relationship that knows no distances or agendas full of projects. It is that in 2021, he also became the face of the red N after starring The kingdom.

Not only are they recognized actors in Latin America and Spain, but they also knew how to become icons on social networks. Each of his photos gets thousands of ‘likes’ of followers who do not want to miss any detail. Today they demonstrated it again: on the occasion of the 33rd birthday from Chino Darín, the Tokyo interpreter was in charge of leaving a tender message on social networks for her boyfriend.

A photo together, a video kissing and an image of the actor when he was little were exposed to the almost 25 million followers of Úrsula Corberó. In her verified profile, @ursulolita, the actress remarked: “Happy birthday, my king. My religion. My everything”. Quickly, the publication already exceeded two million ‘I like it’ among which the most recognized celebrities from Spain and Argentina stood out.

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