The tender Joaquin Phoenix movie you must see

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Diamond Films

The actor who won an Oscar for his work in Joker leads a tender film. It will arrive this year in theaters in Latin America.

The film was directed by Mike Mills.
© IMDbThe film was directed by Mike Mills.

If you are one of those who closely follow the career of Joaquin Phoenix you won’t want to miss its next premiere. Still without a release date in Latin America, it will be distributed by Diamond Films and will show it in a much more human facet than the one seen in Joker, film for which he won the Oscar in 2020. Perhaps you came across this title and did not pay attention to it, that’s why we tell you what this very tender story is about.

Joaquin Phoenix heads C’mon, C’mon: always ahead, a production directed by Mike Mills Focused on Johnny, a man who works in a radio station and who carries out an interview project with children who he asks about philosophical things that adults usually talk about, with the idea of ​​putting together a report. His project will be, at first, interrupted by the appearance of his sister, with whom he has not spoken for a while, who will ask him to take care of her son for a few days. Those days turn into weeks and Johnny soon has to fit the boy into his routine.

From that change, a great friendship will be born between the two with great overtones of paternity on the part of Johnny in a film that aims to investigate both life and parenting and the links with the people we love most. The story is loaded with a lot of freshness and tenderness, especially because of the great chemistry that they managed to compose both Phoenix like his colleague, the young Woody Norman, who stands out for the way he plays the little Jesse.

The central axis of this film will be in that link between the two protagonists that many times will invert the roles and make Johnny finish by reflecting on your own life, on the goals we set for ourselves, the priorities we have and how all this affects both our environment and our loved ones. C’mon, C’mon It is the first feature film Phoenix stars from the premiere of Joker.

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