The tender surprise that Camilo and Evaluna made to Ricardo Montaner

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The incredible surprise Mau and Ricky gave Evaluna She can't believe it!

They managed to star in a beautiful reunion!

For several months, the Montaner family has had to distance themselves in order to fulfill all their work responsibilities.

Camilo, for his part, has been traveling for several weeks to promote his record work My hands and Evaluna is living in Colombia to move forward with the filming of the new season of Club 57, the children’s series that will be released on June 14.

However, as much as they are proud of their achievements, they are a truly close family and do not enjoy being away from each other for long. But after having joined a lot when going through the quarantine for the covid-19 at his home in Miami for long months.

That’s why Camilo and Evaluna came to Ricardo’s rescue! Since they made him a warm surprise to be able to meet again and share that love that has characterized them since day one.

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