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The The Unveil New Song “Linoleum Smooth to the Stockinged Foot”: Stream

The The have unveiled a new single, “Linoleum Smooth to the Stockinged Foot,” marking a significant return as it previews their first album in nearly 25 years, Ensoulment. You can listen to the track below.

“Linoleum Smooth to the Stockinged Foot” emerged from a rather unusual setting: written by The The’s frontman Matt Johnson while he was in a hospital bed, clouded by morphine following a life-saving surgery. The track is haunting, almost disorienting, capturing Johnson’s experience through the arrangements done by guest musicians Sonya Cullingford on fiddle, Terry Edwards on horns, Gillian Glover with backing vocals, and Danny Cummings on percussion.

The accompanying visual for the song brings the experience full circle, featuring an intimate close-up of Johnson’s face as he delivers poignant lyrics like, “The weak are despised by the wealthy/ Endlessly nudged to scrub their hands/ To bang their pots and beat their pans.” The video, directed by Tim Pope, adds an evocative layer to the already powerful track.

Set to be released on September 6th, Ensoulment will also coincide with an international tour. The tour will kick off in the UK and Europe in late August before moving to North America. Stops in North America will include cities like Atlanta, New York, Toronto, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Source: Consequence