“The Third Season of [Show Name] Sees a Decrease in Viewership Compared to Its Predecessors”

The Mandalorian: Season 3 Has Had Less Viewership Compared to Previous Seasons

Although The Mandalorian Season 3 got off to a great start, it seems that not all fans are liking the direction the series is taking, and this has been reflected in the number of viewers. According to a new report (via Comic Book) breaking down the show’s performance, the new season has lagged slightly behind in viewership numbers compared to previous seasons.

According to the report, the first season of The Mandalorian reached its audience peak with 99.2 times the average demand for a series in the month of its premiere. As for The Mandalorian 3, the numbers indicate that its highest point has been 68.8 average demand. Regarding The Mandalorian season 2, 70.1 times the average demand was registered within thirty days after its premiere, an amount quite close to what we are seeing in the demand for the third season.

Although this new season has registered a drop in its viewers, these are not numbers that can alarm the franchise, since The Mandalorian continues to have the best audience numbers of any Star Wars series. Comparing the numbers with the rest of the Star Wars TV titles, The Mandalorian is still well above The Book of Boba Fett (40.1), Obi-Wan Kenobi (38.5) and Andor (32.6).

Warm Reception of The Mandalorian

Since its first season, The Mandalorian has been warmly received by fans and critics alike for its excellent storytelling, impressive production design and visual effects, and for introducing new and interesting characters in the Star Wars universe. The series has also been praised for its faithfulness to the tone and aesthetic of the original Star Wars films, which has helped attract a diverse and passionate audience of all ages.

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The first season premiered on Disney+ on November 12, 2019 and consists of eight episodes. In it, we follow the enigmatic bounty hunter Din Djarin as he takes dangerous jobs to eke out a living in a Star Wars universe torn apart by war and the fall of the Galactic Empire. Throughout the season, the Mandalorian faces a series of challenges as he tries to protect Grogu, the adorable little being of the same species as Jedi Master Yoda. From its very first episodes, the show introduced a number of interesting characters that have been popular with audiences, including Greef Karga, played by Carl Weathers, and ex-rebel shock trooper Cara Dune, played by Gina Carano.

The second season premiered on the 30th. October 2020 and also consists of eight episodes. In it, Din and Grogu continue their journey through the galaxy while facing new dangers and threats. In addition, the season also features the return of other iconic characters from the Star Wars universe, including the legendary Jedi Ahsoka Tano, played by Rosario Dawson, Bo-Katan Kryze, played by Katee Sackhoff, Boba Fett, played by Temuera Morrison, and Luke Skywalker, played by Mark Hamill.


Despite a slight dip in viewership for season 3, The Mandalorian continues to be a powerhouse in the Star Wars franchise with impressive demand numbers. Its warm reception and faithfulness to the original Star Wars tone have helped attract a diverse and passionate audience, making it one of the most beloved titles in the sci-fi franchise.

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