The Tim Burton movie that was almost canceled due to lack of money

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The talent of Tim Burton it is unquestionable. His productions bear a unique stamp that distinguishes them and makes them easy to recognize. Just watch a few minutes of any of his movies, like The Young Scissorhands O Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to understand that you are looking at the universe of Burton. Of all his productions, there was one that was very close to not being made and ended up becoming one of his classics.

Is about Martians to attack, production that Tim Burton premiered in 1996 and is considered among his most beloved films. It had a luxury cast of artists who were from Pierce Brosnan until Sarah Jessica Parker, without forgetting Glenn Close and Jack  Nicholson. One of those responsible for working on this story was Peter Suschitzky, his director of photography, who in an interview with Look who i found he told what happened.

“I met with him and didn’t know anything else for three months. I had no idea if he was going to call me to work on the film or if he was going to find someone else. “, said the director. Finally, he was chosen by Burton who made him a selection of science fiction movie titles from the 1950s that served as inspiration for what it was Martians to attack.

However, in the middle of the shoot there were some unexpected problems that caused the studio to stop everything. “I was happy when I had to go back to Hollywood, I started to prepare the film, but there were money problems because it was exceeded in a particular area: I wanted the Martians to be puppets “, he counted Suschitzky. The film ran out of money before filming the first scene and was suspended. Finally, Burton he got the 70 million dollars he needed and managed to complete the filming that raised just over 100 million worldwide.

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The myth of Tim Burton’s cinematic universe

Historically it was believed that all movies of Tim Burton they take place in the same universe. There are even theories, for example, that connect The Young Scissorhands with The big fish, because the character of Ewan McGregor sold a device of blades among which appeared to be some scissors similar to those of the character in Johnny Depp.

This theory and the idea that everything takes place in the same universe was denied by the screenwriter John August. August I work with Burton in movies like The big fish and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and said that in reality what unites all the productions is the artistic sensibility of Tim and the aesthetic criterion, but that it is not something that is given with the intention of building a cinematographic universe in itself.

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