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The time Lucero and Mijares suffered the most shameful fall of their lives

It was in March 2011 when Lucero and Manuel Mijares announced their separation, after being together for 14 years. During that time, the couple was the protagonist of a soap opera love story and formed a beautiful family by becoming the parents of José Manuel Mijares Hogaza and Lucero Mijares Hogaza.

Even though they are already divorced, Lucero Y Manuel Mijares placeholder image they maintain a good relationship with friends. In fact, they get along very well, as they demonstrated when they joined their voices in a streaming concert that bore the name “Siempre amigos”, which took place on May 22, in which they performed some of the most important musical hits of the world. their careers.

The meeting has given something to talk about on social networks, where users have asked Mexican singers to take a tour to admire their talent live. In addition, as a result of the concert, the fans have taken from the trunk of the memories anecdotes of Y Mijares togetherLike the time they both fell off some chairs.

As you remember, Y Manuel Mijares placeholder image During the 90s they became one of the most mediatic and famous couples that were characterized by the great feeling that united them. This magical story began in the mid-80s (1985) when the two met in the movie “Escape with me.”

During the 14 years that they lived together, the couple was seen in different social events showing their love and how close they were. Lucero and Manuel Mijares have shared many anecdotes together, one of them was when they starred in an embarrassing moment.

The incident occurred in 2011, a few days before announcing their separation when Lucero and Manuel Mijares became news because they starred in one of the most shameful moments of their lives.

Manuel Mijares, Lucero and little Lucerito, went to one of José Manuel’s soccer matches, and to see his son’s performance, the interpreter of “Soldier of Love” went for some plastic chairs so that his still wife and your daughter could sit and watch the game.

During the event, Mijares was enjoying watching his son’s plays when suddenly something happened that made him lose his balance and he went on his back. Trying to avoid falling backwards, the singer pulled Lucero and the person next to him, causing the three of them to end up on the floor.

Fortunately, the one who was saved from falling to the ground was little Lucero. However, the people next to Manuel Mijares and Lucero immediately turned to see the fall and couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

After the embarrassing moment, the couple got up from the floor and like the other people, they couldn’t stop laughing. The event was recorded on video and the images quickly went viral in the Mexican media.

Lucero and Mijares announced their separation in 2011. It was March of that year and the news went around the world after confirming that after 14 years of marriage the two were taking different paths.

“In this way, we want to make the knowledge of the media, friends and relatives, the end of a story that you saw born. For several months we had made this determination but we thought it appropriate to announce it when everything was optimally arranged so that our children could take it in the best possible way, “read a statement that the artists spread through Twitter.

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