The Top 3 Drinks to Avoid for a Restful Night’s Sleep

What Liquids You Should Avoid Before Bed for Better Sleep

Thousands of people try to exercise in the morning hours and eat dinner before 9 pm to get a good night’s sleep: both are positive practices. However, if we are used to drinking infusions and other drinks before going to sleep, you can go through episodes of wakefulness. What liquids should you avoid before resting?

The Impact of Lack of Sleep on Health

Lack of sleep can have a serious impact on our health, and that is that our brain and motor activity and long-term diseases proliferate if we live with insomnia, sleep apnea and similar illnesses. Not for nothing bad sleep is a direct cause of premature aging and the degradation of our neurons, so you will not think clearly throughout your daily activities at work, at home or while walking.

Which Drinks Make Sleep Worse?

Regulating our sleep schedule is important; 8 hours of sleep are set as ‘fundamental axes’ to replenish energy levels and give way to good mental performance the next day. However, you must take care of your nighttime hydration, do you usually drink alcoholic beverages, herbal teas or energizers at night? Check out this short list of what you shouldn’t ingest if you’re about to go to bed:

  • Avoid coffee: this super drink is full of antioxidants, but its beans block adenosine receptors; substance that promotes sleep and is only activated during the day. Caffeine blockade keeps us awake longer than necessary.
  • Stay away from energy drinks: If you drink energy drinks, then be prepared to probably have a sleepless night. These products contain caffeine and stimulate the nervous system, the heart rate, and give us poorer quality of sleep. If you experience bad sleep, you are likely to be more likely to suffer from obesity, high blood pressure, and even kidney disease.
  • Do not drink black tea: this type of infusion will deprive you of sleep, having very similar effects to the previous drinks: its high level of caffeine is the biggest culprit and can cause several episodes of insomnia that you should avoid.
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