The Top 3 Mexican Restaurants Ranking among the 50 Best Worldwide

By: Dan Cooper

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The Peruvian restaurant Central

The Peruvian restaurant Central, led by the talented chefs Virgilio Martínez and Pía León, won the coveted title of best restaurant in the world in the prestigious “50 Best Restaurants” classification. This recognized distinction highlights Central’s innovative culinary proposal, which celebrates the unique biodiversity of Peru’s indigenous ingredients and pays homage to the country’s culinary traditions and history.

Award Ceremony in Valencia, Spain

The award was presented during a ceremony in Valencia, Spain, where Spanish gastronomy was also honored. In this 2023 edition, the second place went to the Barcelona restaurant Disfrutar, while the third and fourth places were occupied by Diverxo from Madrid and the Basque Asador Etxebarri, respectively. Mugaritz, from San Sebastián, was ranked number 31, thus consolidating the Spanish presence on the list.

Recognized Peruvian and Mexican Restaurants

We recommend you In addition to Central, other outstanding Peruvian restaurants were also recognized. Maido ranked sixth, followed by Kjolle in position 28 and Mayta in position 47. Mexico’s gastronomy also stood out with the inclusion of Quintonil (9), Pujol (13) and Rosetta (49), while A casa do Porco, from Sao Paulo, represented Brazil at number 12.

Notable Latin American Restaurants

The list also celebrated other notable Latin American restaurants, such as Don Julio in Buenos Aires (19th), Boragó in Santiago (29th) and Colombian restaurants El Chato (position 33) and Leo (position 43) in Bogotá.

The “50 Best” Classification

The classification of the “50 Best” is carried out by 1,080 “independent experts” from around the world, including chefs, specialized journalists, and restaurant owners. Each member of the jury, divided into 27 regions, can vote for 10 restaurants, including at least three outside their region. Although this classification has been questioned by some critics, its influence continues to be significant in the gastronomic field. In response to criticism and with the aim of offering an alternative, “La Lista” was launched in 2015, a classification of a thousand restaurants worldwide, supported by French, Japanese, and American chefs, among others.

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