The Top 5 Best SG 553 Skins

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the Swiss SG 553 assault rifle replaces its predecessor from previous games, the Krieg 552. One of the main features of the SG 553 is its ability to kill enemies, regardless of the presence of armor. The user only needs to hit the enemy’s head once to kill.

Players often notice that SG553 skins are not very expensive since it has a very strong competitor — AK-47. Therefore, designs for the rifle are not that expensive, and some of the most popular ones have a price below $1.

What are the Most Popular Skins

The following skins for the SG 553 are in the most demand with users around the world, so you need to pay special attention to them when choosing.


The rifle has a design made up of dark colors and looks very nice and stylish. The main colors of the weapon are black and dark purple, as well as turquoise in some parts. It is one of the cheapest on offer with a max price of $0.70.


Individual parts of the weapon are spray-painted in solid purple, with no patterns or finishes. Just matte color and nothing more. Factory New costs $28, and with StatTrak — $120.


A very beautiful and neat model with a rather simple, but at the same time attractive design. The skin was made in gray and light blue colors. Its price differs in the range from $1 to $3.50.


Black paint was first applied to the surface of the weapon as a background. On the surface of the background, various images have been applied in the form of shards, painted with a gradient of pink and purple shades. The skin costs in the range of $3.50 to $100 depending on the Float level.

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It is mostly painted black. Also, some parts of the rifle are painted in sandy camouflage. The skin has a price below average and is more related to the cheap designs of this automatic rifle with a maximum cost of $6.50.

Where to Buy Skins

There are three main factors that a trading floor must meet:

  • transparent work scheme;
  • security of the transaction;
  • communication with technical support.

The DMarket platform meets all of these criteria. There you can check all prices in detail. The safety of transactions has been confirmed by many bloggers and real user reviews, and online support always promptly solves any problems and answers questions. In addition, the item transfer algorithm works flawlessly, so you can get your skin right away.

 Thus, the SG 553 has dozens of beautiful coloring pages that the user can use after purchase. Some skins are very overpriced, while others, on the contrary, are too understated for the CS:GO market. However, these five options that we have reviewed can be found during every round.