The tough fight of Victoria Pedretti during her school days

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Many of the actors who work at Netflix become world famous and Victoria Pedretti is one of them. The artist starred in the second and third seasons of You, the series in which he shared the screen with Penn Badgley. In this fiction, she played the highly acclaimed Love Quinn, a woman who seems completely cute and sweet, but inside her home is the opposite.

With this character and his unique performance, Victoria Pedretti catapulted itself to international fame and the success it achieves is unstoppable. However, before becoming the famous and talented actress that she is now, she had to overcome some adversities in her life. Although, as he explained in different interviews, they were never an impediment to follow his dreams.

In view of Glamor Magazine Pedretti confessed that he suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder. “I was six or seven when they first told me“, She began by explaining and then, the artist delved into the subject and continued telling her experience:”They told me, ‘You may never be able to read and write well. You are going to have a high rate of incarceration, drug use and medical problems’”.

But, the truth is that these were not the only harsh words that Victoria had to face. According to what he said, the doctors assured her that it would be very difficult for her to lead a healthy lifestyle. However, the interpreter was not willing to give up and fought against all odds to get ahead.

I looked at this condition that was labeling me and I said to myself: ‘no, that’s not me’. I have ADD, severe ADD, whatever that means and it affects the way I live, the way I think, the way I process information, or not. But I think that saying you have ADD is a label that serves those who treat you more than the people who suffer from it.”He snapped. And, without a doubt, it was this level of motivation that helped her to become one of the artists most loved by the public today.

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