The tragic story that will mark the sixth season of Outlander

The tragic story that will mark the sixth season of Outlander

After so many pauses due to the pandemic, the sixth season of Outlander it’s now ready to go into post-production. It was last June 1, coinciding with World Outlander Day, when the production announced the end of the filming of these new six chapters that, as announced, will arrive only at the beginning of 2022 with the benefit of a 90-minute premiere episode .

The photo with which Starz confirmed the end of filming for the sixth season.

That is why, knowing that there will be no news of Outlander Until next year, many members of the cast began to leak some details of what is to come and, one of them, it was Sam Heughan himself who spoke more about the new season. However, recently it has been known what will be the tragic story that could mark the sixth part of the strip.

In the fifth edition, the Fraser family was affected by the death of Murtagh Fitzgibbons (Duncan Lacroix) in the chapter The Ballad of Roger Mac when the redcoats face the rebels for the crown, a group that the godfather of Jamie. But, now, it seems that in the next installment they will suffer a new loss and that it will be much more painful.

The day of Murtagh's death.  Photo: (Starz)

The day of Murtagh’s death. Photo: (Starz)

According to some theories that have emerged in the last few hours, who would lose his life in one of the six chapters to come will be young Ian (John Bell), the nephew of Jamie and Claire. These thoughts are because, in the last chapter of the fifth season, Jamie was seen reading a monologue in which he says that honor and courage are matters of the marrow, and for what a man will kill, sometimes He will also die and, at that moment, the camera focuses on the character of Bell.

Young Ian.  Photo: (Starz Play)

Young Ian. Photo: (Starz Play)

Although, according to the ideas of another group of followers of Outlander, this reading could be a harbinger of the consequences that the bad relationship with the Browns could have, who one of them was Claire’s rapist and, in revenge, the protagonist decided to kill him by taking his brother’s body. However, to find out the truth, we will have to wait until next year.

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