The tribute to Black Widow with which Simu Liu arrived at Marvel

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After the premiere of Black Widow on July 9, the Cinematographic Universe of Marvel (MCU) will resume the path of films that continue the narrative line of the saga. While the tape of Scarlett Johansson It was something that fans asked for a long time, it was set before the events of Avengers: Infinity War and the audience wants to know how the world will go now that both Iron Man What Steve Rogers they are no longer among the citizens.

One of the next premieres of the MCU it will be Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Headed by Simu LiuIt will be the first film in the franchise to star an Asian actor. In his last appearances, the artist made it very clear what it meant to him to be part of Marvel, as he considered himself a big fan of his stories.

In dialogue with Slashfilm, Daniel Destin Cretton, director of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, He told how it was that Simu Lou convinced the studio to be part of the MCU. Apparently a tribute to Black Widow and a stunt were enough for the producers to cast him for the role. It is that, in addition to being an actor, Simu Liu has a past as a stuntman in movies like Pacific Rim.

Black Widow was the first MCU Phase 4 movie. (IMDb)

“He actually did a backflip and landed in the same pose that they tease in Black Widow. Made a backflip and fell pose on his knee like Black Widow, shook his hair and looked directly at the camera to close his first audition “, he counted Cretton. “I thought it wouldn’t bother if I was auditioning for a movie Marvel and I could show them that I knew how to do the pose of a superhero “explained Simu Liu.

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Simu Liu wanted to be an X-Men

Before the possibility of being Shang-Chi, Simu Liu was very interested in becoming one of the X-Men. While mutants were not part of the MCU When he came up with the idea, today his proposal would not sound so far-fetched. After all, Kevin Feige is looking for the ideal way to present them in the saga.

shang chi and the legend of the ten rings simu liu marvel mcu

Simu Liu was announced as part of the MCU in 2019. (IMDb)

In an interview with Screen Rant, Liu told that when he was 22 years old he wrote the treatment for a series about Sunfire, whom he defined as “A really fascinating character”. The actor explained: “He is a Japanese mutant who has his powers as a young man and is raised with his uncle, who hates the United States. So start as an enemy of the X-Men and then he has a beautiful arc where he realizes he’s the villain and he gets good. And then something in between “.

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