The trick you needed: this is how you can change region on Netflix

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Service Netflix It has spread throughout the planet and is currently estimated to be in around 190 countries. Gone are the days when Reed Hastings He had a small company and, although today large studies such as Disney, Paramount O Amazon Studios to compete, the N he still enjoys some comfort in the market for work throughout all this time.

House of Cards was one of the first original series on the platform. (Netflix)

Believe it or not, that a content can be seen in Netflix from Mexico or Argentina does not imply that it can be seen in the rest of the world. In this sense, the platform’s catalog must be divided into two: on the one hand, the original productions, such as House of Cards, Stranger Things O Sex Education, and those that are acquired to be distributed in certain territories. Many regretted the departure of Friends from the catalog once HBO Max appeared in Latin America.

If you did not know, there is a trick that allows you to access the catalogs of other countries in order to expand your experience in using the platform. It is worth noting that it is not a system that will allow you to use the platform for free but will simply allow you to use your user as if you had hired Netflix in other country. Next, we will tell you the two available alternatives.

Direct download of Netflix content

Since a time ago, Netflix allows you to download the content of its platform so that you can consume it at another time. This tool has some limitations, the main one being that it is not available for all the titles in the catalog, especially for those that are not original productions of the company. Also, no matter how much you download it, you will have a time limit to see them before they expire.

stranger things eleven millie bobby brown netflix

Fans await the fourth installment of Stranger Things. (Netflix)

This tool can have two uses. The main one is to be able to continue a series or movie and watch content on trips or situations in which we do not have internet access or we do not want to spend navigation data. It is also used for trips that may arise abroad and are in countries where the series or movie that is seen is not available. In this situation, the only way to do it is, once the title has been downloaded, not to reconnect the device so that it is not blocked by the IP of the visited country.

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IP change and VPN use

The second option to access titles of Netflix who are not in the country where you live is through a VPN. The acronyms refer to Virtual Private Network and consist of the generation of connections through anonymous ports. Through it, home devices connect to servers in other countries and pretend to navigate from that geographic point. As a result, this will allow you to access the Netflix catalog of the country where the VPN belongs.

the office dwight schrute rainn wilson

For a time, The Office was only in Netflix’s North American catalog. (IMDb)

In order to do so, you will be able to access the use of free VPNs, which often have speed or data limitations that can be downloaded, or through those that are paid. The truth is that, before choosing a VPN that allows you to browse the catalog of another country, you should pay special attention to three questions: first, that it allows you to play content through streaming, second that it is compatible with your device, and thirdly , that in your list of networks is the country where the content you want to see is located.


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