The trickle of layoffs in technology is settled with more than 9,000 this month

The trickle of layoffs in technology is settled with more than 9,000 this month

More than 9,000 employees have been laid off this December in the world’s leading technology companies, in an incessant trickle of workforce cuts that began after the pandemic and conclude with a 2022, in which more than a thousand companies have reduced workers.

Although the demand for qualified employees in technology continues to rise, the process of layoffs, which was more pronounced in November, has continued in December, month in which 115 technology companies in the world have announced staff cuts, according to data from the platform (layoff is dismissal in English).

PayU, the payment service provider based in the Netherlands, is the one that closes the list of layoffs this year, with 150 people, 6% of the workforce, according to this tracker.

In December, the Israeli company Playtika, dedicated to digital entertainment and specialized in the development and publication of mobile games, topped the list of layoffs, with 600 employees on the street, followed by the American Doma Holdings, with 515.

TuSimple, an American company specializing in autonomous driving technology, with 350 workers announced; and PluralSight, of online courses, with 400, also top this month’s list of adjustments.

Although the cuts continued, those in December were reduced to a fifth compared to November, when more than 55,000 employees were laid off. Companies like Twitter, Meta and Amazon accounted for the largest numbers.

2022 closes with 152,729 layoffs of 1,008 global technology companies according to the data of this tracker.

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