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The true ending that Carmen Villalobos wanted for Catalina Santana

The saga of “Without breasts, there is no paradise”Is one of the most popular in recent years. The Colombian soap opera, created by Gustavo Bolívar for Telemundo, captivated audiences for a decade. However, the end was not as expected by the protagonist Carmen Villalobos placeholder image.

The five-season saga conquered the Latin American market from start to finish, but also reached viewers in the United States and Spain.

During the ten years that the saga lasted, Carmen Villalobos played the character of Catalina Santana, a young woman who had a hard life and for whom the Colombian actress expected a different ending.

Colombian actress Carmen Villalobos, in an interview in 2018, said that she would like a happy ending for Catalina ‘la grande’, since she had had a life full of suffering. “As a viewer I want to finally see her happy “, dice.

“Catalina has been a character who has always suffered since she was 15 years old, who was always a sexual object and let’s say that she found just that with her husband, she found a prince who, like everyone else, obviously has defects, but has had a wonderful marriage along the way. over 20 years. He has two children, which is the result of that love and, well, the loves of youth I think are just that, the loves of youth “, argues Villalobos, assuring that “Santiago” would stay.

However, none of that happened. In “The End of Paradise”, the latest installment of the “Without breasts, there is no paradise” saga, Catalina could not be more unhappy. When he recovers his daughter, Catalina ‘el medio’, she is shot in the chest by Yadith, Alex Mondejo’s partner, and dies in her mother’s arms. The scene of pain is heartbreaking. And, at another moment, when ‘La diabla’ tries to shoot Catalina, Titi gets in the way and is left in a coma in the care of the protagonist.

Colombian actress Carmen Villalobos, who turned 38 years old in 2021, made her soap opera debut with the leading role of Ernestina “Nina” Pulido in “Amor a la plancha”, a 2003 production. Before, her first television appearance was on the program “Club 10”, when he was only 18 years old in 1999.

The full name of the artist was revealed during the television program “The Suso’s Show.” When she made her entry, the presenter called her Yorley del Carmen Villalobos Barrios, leaving everyone speechless.

It was there that he said that he decided to eliminate, for the public, his first name on the recommendation of the director Mario Rivero, who proposed to change it, since the real one was very difficult and people could not learn it.

“Everyone in my house calls me Yorly. When I started working it was Yorley Villalobos, but people never learned it, they said to me: ‘Hello Yerley’, ‘Hello Yurley’ ”. So he said to me: ‘Don’t you have another name? I just feel like it’s a bit difficult for people’ and I said to him: ‘Carmen’ and he replied: ‘That’s it! Carmen Villalobos’”, He indicated.

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