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The true relationship of Asa Butterfield and Emma Mackey after Sex Education

Sex Education is one of the few series that breaks the biggest taboo: talking about sex without regrets. With two super successful seasons, Netflix returned to bet on this fiction and a few hours ago it released the new edition. The third part consists of eight chapters in which Asa Butterfield and Emma Mackey They returned to their roles as Otis and Maeve.

This time, in addition to fighting the new director’s backward thoughts, Otis and Maeve have to try to rebuild their relationship. In the second season, Sex Education it ended with the two of them separated and now they have a new chance. And once again the chemistry they passed on Emma Mackey and Asa Butterfield it was worthy of fan speculation.

Since the premiere of the first season in January 2019, the actors gradually gained more confidence in their roles and in the fact that they were playing an uneven couple. So much so that, at the same time that the series grew, so did the desire of the followers to see the protagonists being boyfriends in real life.

Emma Mackey y Asa Butterfield. Photo Credits: (Netflix)

In fact, several photos have been leaked in which Mackey and Butterfield seemed more than friends. However, at no time has either of the two come out to clarify what the situation is between them. But, everything seems to indicate that they are nothing more than friends. Even so, both, very secretive as far as their private lives are concerned, never formalized romances with other people.

That’s why now, with how epic his performance was in the third of Sex Education, fans are asking the same thing again. However, despite their splendid performances, the answer remains the same: they are just friends.

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