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The true story behind the reconciliation between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez: Pure marketing?

This 2021, even with the Coronavirus pandemic as the main protagonist in the world, it left one of the most shocking news regarding Hollywood celebrities, and that is that Ben Affleck Y Jennifer Lopez they had a rematch in love, forming one of the most iconic couples of today. But nevertheless, one theory assures that it is all about an unprecedented press move.

The scriptwriter and the singer formalized one of the most celebrated courtships in the early 2000s, in a romance that was about to lead to marriage, but to everyone’s surprise they decided to cancel the wedding and thus close the story. Time passed, they both made their lives, but At the end of April of this year, photos began to circulate showing them together once again..

Over the weeks there were more leaks that confirmed the reconciliation, but It became official when J.Lo posted a photo on his official Instagram account.. While this seems to be a cute love story, screenwriter Cassie St. Onge thinks it’s all about a marketing campaign for a possible remake of the “Jenny from the Block” video clip, which led to the first romance in 2002. Why do you say this?

“In keeping with my theory, set forth in episode 40 of @bpisdoingherbest, that J.Lo and Ben Affleck, aka Bennifer Againifer, aka Jenjamin Lofleck, are giving us a shot-by-shot remake of their iconic Jenny from the Block video for the next 20th anniversary of the song “, he assured in a publication. Gave details like that Ben has the same watch on many occasions, that the first kiss was caught by a paparazzi and there is even a similarity in the hairstyle. Lastly, he said that would refer again when they are together on a yacht.

No sooner said than done, the artists were spotted on a yacht in Saint-Tropez, France, where they left a compromising photograph. “A lot of people are nervous because if what I prophesied is true, it means that the romance is a sham. Not friends. That is not what anyone is saying here. I think the romance is just as real as it was the first time, okay? I’m here for it and I support you. But I also want this video “, He said Cassie St. Onge. The next It would be to see them putting gas in their car, according to the video clip. Is this theory real?


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