The truth about the man who proposed to his wife again after 25 years

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In the social networks, a romantic video viral is telling the time. We refer to the clip that shows the second marriage proposal that a man decided to make to his wife after 25 years. According to the groom, his beloved did not receive “A romantic proposal the first time”. The images traveled the world and moved millions of users in TikTok.

Katie and Brian, who reside in Portland, USA, have been married for 25 years and have four children together. However, the husband considered it necessary again to ask his partner to marry him. Therefore, he launched an incredible plan.

Katie Prentiss headed to New York with her 17-year-old for a special mother-daughter trip. However, the woman was surprised to find that her husband had also secretly flown to the ‘Big Apple’.

As they were both strolling through Central Park, Brian appeared behind her. Seconds later, the man knelt down and pulled out the ring. “I thought I would try again flying from afar and surprise you. You are one of the most wonderful, fearless and beautiful people I have ever met ”, Indian.

“After 25 years, I still want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to marry you again. You can make me happy forever ”, Brian added. Then the husband put the ring on Katie’s finger before the passionate kiss. Then everyone cried, including the daughter and the spectators.

As expected, many people were touched by Brian’s tender action. After its publication, the video surpassed 9 million views. “My daughter and my husband have been planning it for months. How is my life? ”, Katie placed in the clip description.

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Meanwhile, netizens wrote emotional comments such as “this should be normalized! A second commitment just to reaffirm that you are still in love with me ”; “I almost thought it was a scene from a romantic comedy”; ‘”I love this. It is incredible for children to see the love that their parents have (still) ”, among others.

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