The truth about the mother who gave birth to twins of different skin color: “I could not believe it”

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The social networks continue to present shocking viral stories that leave millions of people in shock; as is the case of an artist who gave birth to twins of different skin color. After overcoming various obstacles, the woman was finally able to become a mother. In the following lines we tell you all the details about this moving event.

Nigerian-born Judith Nwokocha and her husband struggled for nearly a decade to have children. Fortunately, with the help of in vitro fertilization (IVF), they managed to fulfill this dream, as the 38-year-old photographer managed to get pregnant with twins.

However, shortly afterwards Judith was told that her children might be born with Down syndrome. “I remember having my first scan when they told me, ‘You’re going to have a baby,’ and I said, ‘No, I’m going to have two.’ The second scan revealed that we were having twins. They told me that twins could have Down syndrome ”, he pointed.

Despite developing at half the rate of her brother, Kachi came into the world at 37 weeks by cesarean section. To the joy of the family, the twins were born safely, but the little girl’s fair complexion alarmed the mother, as she and her husband are black people.

“The first time I saw her, I wondered if the nurse was giving me my baby or someone else’s. I waited a few seconds for someone to tell me that there was a confusion. ‘Maybe she is very light in complexion’, I thought ”, recordó Judith Nwokocha a Inside Edition.

Due to her weight, Kachi remained in intensive care for several days and the doctors explained to the husbands that the little girl had type 2 oculocutaneous albinism (OCA). “An inherited condition in which people do not produce enough melanin and this affects the eyes, skin and hair”, As reported .

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“Albinism never crossed my mind as we didn’t have any in my family that I remember. It was a real shock to me. Gradually the worry turned to sadness and I began to question God, wondering why He would put me in such a situation. I was worried about her future, how society would treat her, how they would accept her ”, Judith confessed.

Faced with this situation, Judith Nwokocha and her husband received advice on how to deal with Kachi’s albinism. This help allowed both of them to see that the difference between their twins was superficial. Since then, the proud mother has embarked on a photography project to show her daughter how beautiful she is. “So she can see the photos and believe in herself”.

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