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The truth behind “Marina, do you like tequila?”, The audio that revolutionizes TikTok – El Comercio

A little Mexican is the protagonist of one of the viral most used in TikTok. Her name is Marina and a home recording became an audio trend that thousands of people are recreating. This is the truth behind “Marina, do you like tequila?”

Álvaro Álvarez is the author of the peculiar clip and recorded his cousin giving an unexpected answer that quickly went around the world. In the video uploaded to TikTok he asks her “Marina, do you like tequila?” and the girl responds very spontaneously: “I don’t like it, I love it!”.

On with the medium ‘Page 7 ′, Álvaro Álvarez revealed that “The video was recorded on my mother’s birthday in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán (Mexico)” and that her cousin Alejandra began to joke with the little girl asking her if she liked to play Uno cards.

“She replied: ‘I don’t like it, I love it.’ It was not as exaggerated as in the video I recorded “, he remembered.

The young man quickly thought that they could cause a sensation in TikTok If I changed the question and mentioned tequila, a traditional drink of Mexico And, said and done, Marina went viral with her famous phrase from the @ alvaroalvarez137 account.

All the guests at the party were alerted to the recording and were yelling when the girl responded, to give her more emotion.

“He said it hilarious, we all started laughing. Their reaction was very funny for everyone. Even when we saw the video we died of laughter, because I had never done it so well “She assured making it clear that the response was spontaneous because obviously she does not consume alcohol.

Álvaro Álvarez knows that hundreds of users of TikTok from all over the world have gone viral using the funny audio generating new videos. “I never imagined hearing my voice in a song, and now that I do it makes me laugh a lot”, then the popular “Marina, do you like tequila?” has been the idea even for a sticky on platforms like YouTube and Spotify.

While Marina said that “It makes me laugh to hear my voice in other videos and songs”, according to his family member, he is also a little “Map” to see his face in so many recordings of TikTok. What ‘fame’ does in social networks.

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