The Twitter error that suspends the account verification process again

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If you use Twitter, Surely you have seen accounts with a blue symbol next to them. That’s the blue Twitter verification badge, which serves to “confirm the authenticity of public interest accounts”, and that whoever operates it is who they say they are. It is possible to request verification, although it is not an open process 24/7 all year round, but you have to wait for Twitter to open the request period.

Verify your account on Twitter

That happened again in 2021 last May, when Twitter announced the reopening of applications. But it was also short-lived, since the social network paused the process of request after 8 days only since it opened, to dedicate himself to assessing the requests received – which must be literally millions – to see who gets the blue badge, who doesn’t, and who takes it away.

Just at the beginning of June, Twitter reopened the process, warning that although the responses to the requests would arrive “in a few days,” these could take up to “a few weeks” depending on the volume of requests that the company received. But in just a month and a half, pam, again the social network closes the process

The Twitter verification error

Why has the process stopped again? For having mistakenly verified some fake accounts and added the real icon to them. What has announced the official Twitter verification account, this process has been temporarily paused since last Friday, so that the platform can carry out “improvements in the application and review process.”

This measure has been taken shortly after Twitter granted the blue tick badge with which it verifies the accounts to several fake profiles that were apparently part of an automatic botnet. It is unknown when they will resume it, but we will notify you as soon as it is operational again.

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How to request verification of your Twitter account in 2021

The process will include asking applicants to select a category for their verified status and confirming their identity through links and other supporting materials. The requirements that Twitter asks for a full account is:

– Email address or a verified phone number

– A profile picture

– A profile name

To request verification:

1- Enter the Twitter settings

2- Find the section ‘Bill’

3- Inside you will see the section of ‘Personal / Account Information ‘, and in the middle of the list the new function ‘Request Verification’.

Twitter has indicated that it plans to “use both automated and human review processes to ensure that we are reviewing applications carefully and in a timely manner. We also plan to give individuals the option to share demographic information after completing the new verification request so that we can better measure and improve the fairness of our verification process. “

Who are candidates to verify their accounts

Twitter has taken the opportunity to include in its policies new categories for the types of accounts that are candidates for verification:

Existing categories to verify Twitter account

  • Governmental
  • Entertainment
  • Companies
  • Trademarks
  • Non-profit organizations
  • News
  • sports
  • Activists
  • Organizations
  • Other influential individuals

New categories 2021

  • Journalists
  • sports
  • Digital content creators

Next categories

At the moment they are included in the category of activists, organizations and other influential individuals, but soon the accounts of:

  • Academics
  • Scientists
  • Religious leaders


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