The Ultimate Trick to Camouflage Your Apps

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Is there an app you want to hide on your Android phone? It is possible that you have installed an app that you do not want anyone else to see, either for privacy reasons or because it contains information that is very important to you, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, among others.

Camouflaging Apps on Android

Due to this situation, you can use some shortcuts on your mobile devices to hide this app; however, it is not always the most reliable option, since they could search for the application with the magnifying glass or by entering each folder on your phone. That is why, at MAG, we have prepared a strategic guide so that you can camouflage these applications as discreetly as possible and go unnoticed by your friends, family or even partner.

How to camouflage an app on Android

Depending on the Android cell phone model you have, it is possible that to modify an icon of any app you must perform rigorous steps, therefore, we offer you a practical solution. What first All you have to do is go to the Play Store and search for X Icon Changer. After this, you must install the application on your cell phone.

Once this is done, the app will ask you to register your data. Then, in the main section, the apps will appear that you have installed on your mobile. Select one to start the change. For example, you can choose WhatsApp to modify its appearance.

The application will let you change the icon and even the name. You can choose an image that X Icon Changer offers you or choose any of your gallery. When you have done all the settings, click on the Ok button located in the upper right corner.

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Immediately, X Icon Changer will create a shortcut of the app. Finally, you will disguise the real app that you want to prevent others from See it in a very creative way.

Using a PC mouse to operate your cell phone

We share a tutorial with you so that you can use your Android smartphone with a mouse from any computer and without installing programs. To apply this trick, you must first have a wired mouse. Also, you must have a USB-OTG adapter.

Once you have these devices, connect the microUSB / USB Type C port to your smartphone. Now, plug the USB 2.0 adapter into the mouse. Wait a few seconds and you will see how the two devices are synchronized.

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