The UN Committee against Forced Disappearance will make its first official visit to Mexico

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Starting next Monday, the United Nations Committee against Forced Disappearance (CED) will carry out an official tour to Mexico, with the purpose of finding solutions that allow facing this type of crime in that Latin American country.

The UN office detailed that the visit will run until November 26 and it will be the first to be held in Mexico. The head of the CED delegation, Carmen Rosa Villa, indicated that the committee under her charge has received “with special satisfaction” the permission of the Mexican administration to carry out the tour, which had been requested since 2013.

The expert highlighted that, according to public records, 94,000 people are missing in Mexico, which is why he considers the work to be carried out with local authorities to be important.

“Our direct dialogue with State authorities, victims, civil society organizations and human rights institutions is key. Working together we can extract lessons learned and identify ways of contribute to the eradication and prevention of disappearances forced into the country, “Villa said.

The CED delegation is made up of Carmen Rosa Villa Quintana, president of the Committee and head of the delegation; as well as by Juan-Pablo Albán Alencastro, Juan-José López Ortega and Horacio Ravenna.

What does the visit include?

The CED reported that during their stay in Mexico they will carry out a tour of 12 states of the country, where they will meet with federal and state authorities and hold conversations with government officials in charge of investigating and preventing forced disappearances, as well as locating missing persons and establishing public policies on the subject.

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The experts too they will meet with victims, with representatives of civil society, with the National Human Rights Commission, international organizations, among other activists.

Likewise, they will attend the exhumations that the authorities will carry out in the company of groups of victims and will visit detention centers to examine the registration systems in each of them, as a means of preventing enforced disappearances.

Once the agenda is complete, The experts will present their preliminary observations to the Government of Mexico and they will develop a report, which will be published in March 2022, with the conclusions and recommendations on the situation.

The delegation also plans to hold a press conference on November 26, in a room at the Human Rights Commission in Mexico City.

The CED was created to monitor the adherence of States parties to the International Convention for the Protection of Persons from Enforced Disappearance, and is made up of 10 independent human rights experts who act in a personal capacity and do not represent the States that the integrate.

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