The UN passes a resolution for the Taliban to allow anyone to leave Afghanistan safely

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The Security Council of the United Nations Organization (UN) this Monday approved, with 13 votes in favor and 2 abstentions, a resolution in which it asks the Taliban * to fulfill their promise to allow them to leave Afghanistan safely. citizens and foreigners who want it.

The initiative was proposed by the United Kingdom, France and the US Of the 15 countries that make up the body, only Russia and China have abstained. The latter maintains that his position is due to the fact that the authors of the same ignored Moscow’s concerns and did not mention the fight against the Islamic State (IS).

The resolution refers to a statement issued by the Taliban on Friday last week in which they pledged that Afghans can travel abroad, leave Afghanistan at any time they want and leave the country through any border crossing, both air and land without anyone preventing them from leaving.

The UN Security Council “expects the Taliban to comply with these and all other commitments, including the relatively safe, reliable and orderly departure of Afghans and all foreign citizens from Afghanistan.”

The text also “request to relevant parties working with international partners to take steps to strengthen security and prevent further casualties, and requests that every effort be made to allow for the swift and safe reopening of the Kabul airport and its surroundings. “

Likewise, it condemns the attacks near the airport of the Afghan capital carried out on Thursday of last week and demands that the territory of the Asian country is not used to threaten or attack any country or to shelter or train terrorists or to plan or finance terrorist acts.

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The text does not specifically mention the establishment of a “safe zone” under the control of the UN for humanitarian operations to continue, as stated by French President Emmanuel Macron during an interview with the newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche.

More information, shortly.

* The Taliban movement, designated as a “terrorist organization” by the UN Security Council, is declared a terrorist group and prohibited in Russia.

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