“The Unanswered Enigma: Unraveling the Titan Submarine’s Disappearance and Its Resonating Public Outrage”

Tragedy Strikes as Titan Submersible Confirmed to Have Imploded, Killing Crew Members

After an intense five-day search operation, the outcome ended up being what many feared. The discovery of important parts of the Titan submersible confirmed the death of its five crew members, who are believed to have died instantly after the device imploded.

James Cameron’s Concerns About Submersible Engineering and the Tragic Disappearance of Titanic and Titan

The terrible circumstances surrounding the tragedy were not entirely unforeseen. James Cameron, famous director of the emblematic film ‘Titanic’ (1997) and a veteran of the dives to see the sunken ship (33 times!), He did not hesitate to express his misgivings about the experimental nature of the engineering of the submersible. Cameron suggested that “arrogance and pride” were what caused the disastrous disappearance of both vessels: the Titanic and the Titan.

Social Media Reactions and Coverage of the Submersible’s Disappearance

Be that as it may, the truth is that during the last week the disappearance of the submersible has captured the general attention, generating a wave of debates on social networks and extensive coverage in the press.

A Tragicomic Story Unfolds

On the networks, in many cases the tone used has been humorous, with endless humorous comments about what happened. From the PlayStation bluetooth controller that they adapted to control the ship, to the door that can only be opened from the outside. Add to that the fact that each participant paid $250,000 for the experience, and it’s easy for many to see the irony of the matter. To top it off, a few other facts don’t help. As a clear example, what happened to one of the stepsons of one of the deceased, who through Twitter tried to take advantage of the tragic situation to get a meet & greet at a Blink 182 concert. For many, it is therefore difficult to avoid seeing this whole situation as tragicomic. Others also recall the similarities of this event with the last and brilliant film by Ruben Ostlund, ‘The Triangle of Sadness’, winner of the Palme d’Or in 2022. A satire loaded with black humor in which wealthy and irresponsible people end their little adventure on the high seas in a certainly tragic way, as a direct consequence of its excessive capitalist interests.

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Rich Movies Turned into Reality

But not only ‘The Triangle of Sadness’. Other great films such as ‘The Menu’ or ‘Glass Onion’, as well as the second season of ‘The White Lotus’ or the latest installment of the great ‘Succession’, covered over the last year what could be considered a “subgenre of rich”. From horror to comedy, these works allowed audiences to “enjoy” watching the lives of the wealthy unravel. In a way, the disappearance of the submersible has transformed these stories into reality.

Political and Societal Reflections on the Tragedy

Of course, politics has also played a role in this whole affair. Ash Sarkar, editor-in-chief of Novara Media, tweeted on the subject: “If the super rich can spend £250,000 on travel vanity 2.4 miles under the ocean, then they’re not being taxed enough.” Of course, his comment excited many followers, who dismissed his words as cruel and inhumane. Others, however, point out that Sarkar’s comments perfectly explain why these “rich” movies are so “fun”. And it is that, they believe, it is those types of people who have enough wealth to spend frivolously on a trip to the remains of the Titanic who have probably entrenched the growing problems of inequality in society. Mention could also be made of the great expense that this has entailed – the search for the five passengers of the Titan, a few days after the sinking off the Greek coast of a ship with hundreds of migrants on board (many of them children). The catastrophe has so far left 78 dead and it is believed that more than 600 are missing. For them, the search has not been remotely similar. There is no doubt that the Titan tragedy is without a doubt worthy of mention and mourning. A father and his son and three other men perished in grisly circumstances. And the fact that they were there of their own free will is no consolation to their families. That is why the wild amount of jokes and humorous comments about this disaster inevitably leads us to wonder what we are doing wrong.

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