The Unbelievable True Story of Candy Montgomery: From Housewife to Murderer

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Love and Death: The Shocking True Story

It’s the story of a Texas housewife turned murderer, Candy Montgomery. The murder of her friend shocked the nation, and has been adapted into several shows and movies.

Firstly, in 1990, the story was made into a movie called A Killing in a Small Town. More recently, in 2022, Jessica Biel starred as Candy in the Hulu miniseries, simply titled Candy.

However, it’s HBO’s adaptation, Love and Death, that has garnered the most attention. Elizabeth Olsen plays Candy in this version, bringing a more mature and nuanced portrayal to the character.

The story starts with Candy meeting Betty Gore, and the subsequent affair Candy has with Betty’s husband. However, when Betty and her husband decide to work on their relationship, Candy is left feeling rejected.

The murder itself is gruesome and bloody, with Betty being struck 41 times with an axe. Candy initially confesses to the crime, but during the trial, a Houston psychiatrist testifies that Candy experienced a dissociative event that caused her to lose control and attack Betty.

Despite the evidence presented against her, Candy was found not guilty, leaving many wondering if justice was truly served.

Overall, Love and Death is a chilling retelling of a shocking true story that will leave you questioning how well you truly know those around you.

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