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The unexpected crossover between Venom and Matrix!

Matrix It is one of the fundamental sagas of science fiction since its arrival in the cinema at the end of the nineties. On the other hand,Venom: Let There Be Carnage is a box office phenomenon that promises to keep going with more installments. However, at first there are no points of connection between the film of Keanu Reeves and the history of the symbiote Marvel. Of course, reality always has the ability to surprise us.

Matrix 4 y Venom: Let There Be Carnage they were filmed in the same city. We are talking about San Francisco, home and base of operations of the Lethal Protector. In that sense, during a scene in which Eddie Brock and the alien organism go up to the Tower Coit, helicopters can be seen in the distance. This activity was not programmed by those responsible for the film of Marvel.

The unexpected crossover: Matrix and Venom

The truth is that the production of the film starring Tom Hardy I was capturing activity from the filming of Matrix 4, the next adventure of Neo y Trinity against machines. Christopher Kusiak, responsible for logistics of Venom 2, admitted this curious situation in an interview with Screen Rant. The point is that those responsible for Matrix Resurrections they controlled the entire city center at the time.

How did they solve the problem? Basically the helicopters are part of the security forces that are tracking Venom, when possibly in the movie of Matrix these elements be behind the heroes Neo y Trinity. Crossover! Undeterred by many, the universes of Marvel y Matrix they connected for a moment.

We ended up moving a stunt to the top of the parking lot because we couldn’t get to the areas we wanted due to The Matrix. But if we had been there first we probably would have gone the other way“Christopher Kusiak said adding:”They were filming at the same time, so we were capturing some of their activity on camera.“. Curiosities of the world of cinema …

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