The Unexpected Hobbies of Top Celebrities

By: MRT Desk

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When it comes to celebrities, it can feel like the amount of free time they get is either 100% or 0%. You get those actors who have schedules packed out week after week and then some who seem to live a completely relaxed life. One thing that you won’t often see in the gossip magazines though is exactly what some of these public figures do away from the limelight.

Some go to big parties, some to fashion shows and some to do charity work, but there’s a subset of celebrities out there whose hobbies are a little more unique. Below are just some of the unexpected hobbies enjoyed by some of the biggest stars in the world.

Henry Cavill

Seen as one of the most perfect ever castings for the Man of Steel himself, as well as an all-round chiseled human being, you would expect Henry Cavill to have the same line of interests as other big-name, heavily-built men of Hollywood, such as Chris Hemsworth or Chris Pratt. The fact is, however, he has made a big splash recently on social media for a much more niche hobby.

Those who’ve been following the drama around The Witcher will know that Cavill is a video gaming superfan, even having videos on social media building his own video gaming ‘rig’, or gaming computer. It’s certainly an unusual sight to see Superman tinkering with wires, but that isn’t even the most unusual entry for him.

Instead, it’s his love for tabletop miniature games like the well-known Warhammer 40,000 that is the most striking. It’s a hobby about building and painting plastic figurines before facing off against other collectors using dice and measurements. It is a distinctly ‘geeky’ game and doesn’t immediately match Cavill’s general vibe, although he’s confident enough in it to even derail a talk show or two to chat about it.

Rod Stewart

So Warhammer may be known as a fairly expensive hobby but it still doesn’t compare to some things that celebrities enjoy. Some big names like Drake are famous for visiting the best online casinos sites and playing poker and slots, or putting million-dollar bets down on single sports events. It’s easy to see the appeal, many of these platforms offer live casino options and large bonuses to reward players. Plus, there are dedicated sites to help those who are interested find the most reliable real-money casinos online.

On the other hand, we have the case of Rod Stewart. Instead of the finest things in life that a star of his caliber could easily afford, the singer has instead invested in a lifelong passion of his: model trains. This is not on the normal small scale of a shed or garage, of course, but more the size of a full tennis court. This hobby may not seem to be on the same cost scale but larger, rarer, or more intricate models can cost hundreds if not thousands each, so the price really does add up fast.

The most interesting little extra fact about this is that the singer did actually build the entire track network himself.


Finally, onto something that logically makes a lot more sense. It turns out that the megastar singer, affectionately known as Queen B, is in fact a real queen bee as she gets involved in beekeeping in her free time. This isn’t some company that she has invested in either; the singer once revealed that she has around 80,000 bees at her home, apparently up on the roof.

According to the singer, she originally started working with beehives as her daughters suffered from severe allergies and honey is believed to help with many of the symptoms. While that many bees aren’t enough to generate enough honey for a full-scale company, we would imagine that her die-hard fans would pay top dollar for it. Oddly enough, even though the marketing writes itself, it appears that Beyoncé wasn’t inspired by her nickname but instead, it’s just a happy coincidence.

As a note, bees aren’t the only thing being farmed, as apparently, the singer has also looked into growing hemp, albeit in a more business-focused way this time. There’s been no word on any official Queen B line of farming products yet but the singer does have a habit of turning anything she touches into gold.

There are plenty more examples out there – a member of the Rolling Stones loves going metal detecting in muddy fields, for instance – but these at least go to show that behind the headlines and big projects, there are real, human people underneath who enjoy all manner of hobbies.

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