The unexpected twist that the end of La Casa de Papel on Netflix could have

In less than 24 hours the final: after five seasons, The Money Heist will issue its latest episodes on Netflix and his fans can’t wait. With some nostalgia, many begin to remember the Best moments of the Spanish series at the same time that they formulate theories about what will happen. Is that the outcome can be unthinkable and to have a twist that makes the story even more incredible.

Among the possible outputs of the Bank of SpainOne could be catastrophic because of one of the La Banda members themselves. Is about Palermo, the character played by Rodrigo de la Serna. That Argentine role that won the affection of the users of the platform, was incorporated after two installments to the fiction of Alex Pina However, according to the story told in the red N, it really is from the beginning.

Before planning the robbery Mint and Stamp Factory that takes place in the first part, both Palermo and The Professor (Álvaro Morte) and Berlin (Pedro Alonso) they imagined what it would be like to join the Bank of Spain. And they succeeded: when finally the last of them dies, they choose to take it as revenge and resume that plan that was never carried out and that will also work as a way to get back to River (Miguel Herrán), who was tortured by the police after being discovered.

Palermo’s love for the perfect plan, as well as her love for Berlin in a romantic sense, can make you lose your mind. On repeated occasions, he has become somewhat violent with his companions and has created two camps between those who follow him and those who think against it. Even the rest of the robbers had to tie him in a chair with handcuffs to control him and prevent him from making decisions on impulse.

This series of suspicious attitudes could reveal something: at the end of The Money Heist, Rodrigo de la Serna’s character might not be as loyal to his colleagues and end up putting them aside to get his way. There is a possibility that I handed them over to the police and the army working on the case, as well as can murder them to get out of the building alive as soon as possible. The truth is that the closing is unknown and it will be necessary to wait for the December 3 to know the truth.

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