“The Unfair Accusation that Hurt Federica de Kabah: A Closer Look at Consuelo Duval’s Involvement”

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Controversy Arises in the Animal Rights Community

Social media has made it incredibly easy to call out and call attention to those we feel are hiding behind screens. Unfortunately, this has also allowed for trials to go viral and create their own theories. This has been the case for actress Consuelo Duval and singer Federica Quijano, who have been surrounded by controversy due to their public figure status and the lack of communication from the accuser.

The situation began in late April when Federica uploaded a photo with a little dog that her brother Apio had given her. This simple gesture generated thousands of likes and comments, however, Consuelo did not join in on the compliments. Instead, she strangely attacked Federica, stating “I pray for him so that you don’t throw him out on the street when he grows up like you did with those you ‘say’ you rescued.”

Both these women are defenders of animal rights and activists against animal abuse, and they seemed to have a cordial relationship. However, the attack on Federica prompted confusion and backlash from fans who questioned Consuelo’s behavior. It was later revealed that Federica had a rescue where a pit bull, in poor condition, had been taken under her care, but had subsequently attacked her other dog and caused them to lose a leg. Some speculate that this rescue and situation may have triggered Consuelo’s outburst.

Consuelo has since taken to social media to apologize, acknowledging that she should not have given her opinion on a subject she didn’t have all the facts on. She also mentioned that this situation had caused conflict and stress to her and some of the animals she had rescued. Federica thanked her for the apology, but has remained largely silent on the matter.

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The incident highlights how social media can sometimes lead to misunderstandings and can cause more harm than good. It also reminds us to always strive for an open dialogue and to educate ourselves before making any statements or accusations.

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