“The Unforgettable Ordeal: Surviving Jude Law’s Infidelity and the Dark Weeks of Forgotten Trauma”

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Sienna Miller and the hardest moment she had to live: Jude Law’s infidelity and the disclosure of private information about her health

Sienna Miller spoke of one of the most difficult moments of her life. The actress opened her heart in Scandalous: Phone Hacking on Trial, a new BBC documentary that addresses different cases of celebrities who were hacked.

In it, the protagonist of Alfie not only recalled the infidelity of her ex-husband, Jude Law, with her children’s nanny, but also recounted in great detail how a British media outlet discovered that she was pregnant and pressured her to tell the news. Everything happened in 2005 and around the same time that she found out that her partner was having an affair with his children’s babysitter.

It was just two days after learning of such a betrayal that Sienna Miller discovered that she was pregnant. Added to her bewilderment was one more concern: a call she received from the British tabloid The Sun telling her that they knew about the baby on the way and that they wanted to publish the news. Her world came to a standstill from one moment to the next.

In fact, the actress does not remember much of her days after receiving that almost extortionate call. As she revealed, her press agent at that time was the former editor of the newspaper, Rebekah Brooks, who personally called Sienna to let her know that she was aware of this information.

“I had to tell Sienna that the pregnancy story had come out. She collapsed. She screamed very loud. It was a very guttural scream. I could hear it hitting the ground,” Ciara Parkes recounted in the documentary.

Ultimately, The Sun agreed not to run the story. However, the information was leaked by an American publication. “I felt like someone must be selling stories. I sat down the five people in our lives who knew and violently questioned them. I told them: ‘it has to be one of you, so who is it?’ I was under such intense pressure. There were many tears and denials,” Miller herself recalled those days.

Not satisfied with the response from her intimate environment and very paranoid of her, the actress grabbed her phones and began to make calls. “I don’t think I remember six weeks of my life. In fact, I don’t remember. I think I was in such a deep state of trauma at that moment that I completely passed out,” she revealed, who immediately listed some situations that she experienced at that time. “I remember a photographer told me: ‘Have you had surgery on your boobs to keep it? (referring to Jude Law)’. And she obviously she was pregnant. It was horrible,” he added.

Finally, Sienna Miller discovered that the news had leaked through a phone hack (a term used to speak of the interception of voice messages without consent) and began a lawsuit against the possible responsible. She in turn, she claimed that the British media illegally obtained private medical information through one of her senior journalists named Nick Parker.

“I remember my doctor’s office calling me on the phone and saying, ‘We’ve sent the records you requested.’ And I said, ‘I didn’t ask for any records,’” she recalled how she found out about it all. “Brooks knew about my pregnancy at the most vulnerable time of my life. He forced me to make decisions about my own body that I have to live with every day,” she expressed anguished, who finally decided not to have the baby.

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