The unknown horror movie that is all the rage on Netflix this week

The streaming service Netflix It has multiple film and television titles in its catalog, most of which are original productions of the platform, but it also acquires third-party content and adds them to its library, where they gain greater popularity. This is the case of Rust Creek, a horror movie that is among the most viewed worldwide.

What is Rust Creek about? Official synopsis: “Sawyer is a promising young college student who gets lost while on her way to a job interview. Before she knows it, she finds herself lost in the middle of a gigantic Kentucky forest. As if that weren’t enough, her luck worsens when a group of criminals who hide in the forest notices the presence of the young woman. The appearance of a strange lonely man becomes his only ally to avoid falling into the clutches of the group of outlaws … and to get out of the forest alive “. (Filmaffinity)

The film that also has genres such as suspense and drama is directed by Jen McGowan and starring Hermione Corfield, Denise Dal Vera, Jeremy Glazer, Laura Guzman, Micah Hauptman, Daniel R. Hill, John Marshall Jones, Jake Kidwell, Sean O’Bryan, Jay Paulson y Virginia Schneider. It premiered in 2019 and runs for 108 minutes.

As for the criticism, it is one of those cases in which the public rejected it, but had the approval of the specialized press. Several major media have raised their thumbs, como The Hollywood Reporter: “A modest but absorbing rural history”, Vulture “She is oppressive without punishing the viewer. Her sense of humor is surprising.” and Collider: “It is a unique and worthy addition to the genre”.

Nowadays It is in the position number 5 of the most viewed productions of Netflix worldwide, and goes hand in hand with the genre with the release of the trilogy The Street of Terror. Rust Creek He lives his best days thanks to the platform, as happened with Mortal Machines, Silver Skates and Igor Grom against Doctor Plague.

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