The unknown relationship between The Professor from La Casa de Papel and Mario Santos from Los Simuladores

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The Money Heist It is one of the most popular series of recent years and it reached this great recognition after arriving at the Netflix streaming service, which today is its new home after the acquisition when noticing its success. The final season will arrive in two parts: Volume 1, on September 3, and Volume 2, on December 3. As we know, the plot revolves around a group of thieves, but everything they do is planned by The Professor. In this they resemble Mario Santos from Los Simuladores!

On The Simulators we have Francisco De Aguirre, better known as Mario Santos, who is the leader of a secret organization that performs perfectly coordinated drills. In addition, it has the function of looking for and getting new clients, through its recent clientele, and thus managing to take them all into account for future cases. Although Álex Pina, creator of the Spanish show, never said that he was inspired by the character of Damián Szifrón, many believe yes.

Sergio Marquina He spent his childhood and youth bedridden in the San Juan de Dios hospital, where he was reading and listening to stories about robberies that he told him. his father, who was shot to death at the door of the Banco Hispanoamericano. He has not updated his ID since he was 19 years old, he has no police record, so it is perfect for his plans to work: to be seen as “heroes” before the population. As we saw in the fiction, he recruits the members of the band and spends five months with them on a farm in Toledo, before delivering the coup.

Santos witnessed the suicide of his father, Marcos de Aguirre, a writer who died of an overdose and made the decision due to debts he could not pay. To save his mother, the young man used the art of deception to get creditors to leave the family who suffered a painful loss alone. He was briefly married to Victoria Lindt, who passed away shortly after his mother’s death.. Shortly after not having any close relative, he changed his name as the protagonist of his father’s only novel.

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The truth is they both have a lot in common And it is not only that they lead two bands with strategic movements. They are people who in their privacy are very peaceful and bright, so they are ideal so that no one suspects them. They both had tragic pasts and based on their ability have managed to develop skills that allow them to achieve their goal, no matter who they have in front of. The last episode of The Simulators has to Santos alive, and we must see the final season of The Money Heist to know the fate of The teacher.

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