“The Untold Story: Fito Páez and Felipa’s Compelling Journey from Childhood to Fame”

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Fito Páez’s Childhood Explored in Netflix Biopic

The recently released biopic, Love After Love, has left viewers with many questions, particularly regarding a moment in Fito Páez’s childhood. The scene in question depicts Páez’s relationship with Felipa, the young woman who cared for him in the family home.

Following the death of his mother, Páez was left in the care of his father, paternal grandmother, and great-aunt for a short time before they decided to use a nanny to assist with childcare. Felipa was chosen for the job, and Páez quickly became fascinated with her.

The series portrays a scene in which Páez enters Felipa’s room without explanation, and subsequently, Felipa no longer appears as an employee of the household. This has raised concerns among viewers, with many wondering what ultimately happened to the young woman who played a significant role in Páez’s upbringing.

In an interview with Gatopardo magazine, Páez revealed that there was abuse involved in his relationship with Felipa, but did not consider it to be traumatic. He clarified that he had a “special intimacy of love” with her, suggesting an early sexual awakening.

Páez also discussed his relationship with his grandmother, with whom he shared a bed, but clarified that this did not cause any issues for him. He expressed a deep understanding and appreciation for the complexities of sexuality, noting that while some may find his experiences troubling, for him, they were a beautiful awakening.

Love After Love is currently streaming on Netflix, exploring the life and career of Fito Páez from his childhood to the present day. While viewers may have lingering questions, the series provides an insightful look at the life of one of Argentina’s most prolific musicians.

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