The unusual party with which Pipe Bueno and Luisa Fernanda W celebrated Father’s Day

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Not a year has passed since they welcomed Máximo, but the couple already wanted to pay tribute to the singer in style.

Luisa Fernanda W and Pipe Bueno have given a lot to talk about in recent months not only because of their work, but also because of the great turn their lives have taken since they became parents.

And it is that the two have moved their millions of followers a lot by the chemistry they share not only with each other, but also with the little Máximo since he outlines a smile in almost all the publications he shares. He looks charming and you can see the great love he receives from the couple!

Last Sunday, June 20, was the international celebration of Father’s Day, where many celebrities did some small tribute to celebrate those dedicated parents who play such an important role in their families.

As expected, neither Luisa nor Pipe were left behind, since they organized a party for “the most papacito“, according to the influence and celebrate this enjoyable moment for everyone.

Click on the video above to see the images.

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