The US urges the Government of Venezuela to resume dialogue with the opposition

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The US State Department urged the Government of Venezuela to resume the dialogue process – suspended last October – with the most radical sector of the Venezuelan opposition, after a meeting with its members in Washington.

The Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland, published on her Twitter account an image with a group of Venezuelan politicians who are members of the Unitary Platform, who have participated in the dialogues in Mexico. These talks were unilaterally interrupted by the Venezuelan Government in protest after the extradition of diplomat Alex Saab, from Cape Verde to the United States, on October 16.

Nuland wrote that he met with that sector of the opposition, among which are the leader of the negotiations Gerardo Blyde, Freddy Guevara and Tomás Guanipa, “to reaffirm US support for the negotiations“and urged” the Maduro regime to return to the negotiating table for the benefit of all Venezuelans. ”

In this regard, former opposition MP Juan Guaidó, whom Washington still recognizes as “interim president” and who was invited by President Joe Biden to participate next week in the “Great Summit of World Democracies” at the White House, wrote in a trill where he reaffirmed his willingness to “achieve a National Salvation Agreement”, with reference to his proposal to hold general elections not foreseen in the Venezuelan electoral schedule for the next few years.

After the recent regional and local elections in Venezuela, where Chavismo obtained a comfortable majority and won 19 of the 23 disputed governorates, Guaidó maintained his position of ignorance of the process Despite the fact that several opposition sectors joined the campaign, they participated and won popularly elected positions, after years of boycott of the elections.

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So far, the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry has not ruled on the call to resume the dialogue of the US State Department.

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