The US will force airlines to return money for delayed luggage

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Washington, Jul 2 (EFE) .- The United States Government will force airlines operating in the country to return to passengers the money for luggage for which they charge an extra and do not arrive on time, announced this Friday the White House.

The intention of the Joe Biden Executive, with this and other measures, is to protect consumers and also promote fair competition within the industry.

“These rules will specifically ensure that if a passenger pays for luggage, they should receive that money back if the suitcase does not arrive on time. Also, that if a passenger pays for a service such as Wi-Fi and it does not work, they will quickly receive that money from back “, assured in a press conference the economic adviser of Biden, Brian Deese.

The official explained that these two measures are part of a package that the US president will make public “soon” and will send to the Department of Transportation for implementation in order to promote greater competition and lower prices for consumers.

The package will also include the obligation to report baggage and cancellation costs transparently and in advance so that consumers “have a clear understanding of the fees” and “what they are really paying for.”

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