The vaccine saves Spain from the goodbye to the Davis Cup

The vaccine saves Spain from the goodbye to the Davis Cup

The Spanish team of Davis Cup received the worst news imaginable on Thursday afternoon, after the confirmed casualties of Rafael Nadal and Roberto Bautista, both due to injury. Carlos Alcaraz placeholder image, the great national hope for the national team tournament held at the Madrid Arena in the capital, tested positive for coronavirus and had to resign from the tournament. The jewel of El Palmar has mild symptoms and is in good condition, so the question of its health was resolved and the witness was given to the following: Could Spain play Davis?

The answer, affirmative, is explained from the personal decision of all members of the Spanish team to get vaccinated, something that has allowed them, together with the PCR to which all were subjected with a negative result, not to become close contact of Alcaraz, something that would have left Spain without players to face Ecuador and Russia in the Friday and Sunday meetings and therefore, at the Davis Cup without its main host and current champion.

The strict sanitary protocols established by the organization of the Davis Cup They caused a bubble that all the players, from Spain and the rest of the national teams, have neatly respected, but it has been the vaccination and the negative PCR –which prevented the confirmation of an outbreak– that has allowed the tournament organized by Gerard Piqué and your company Cosmos Tennis, despite the unforeseen positive of Carlos, continue as planned.

The announcement of the positive of Carlos Alcaraz placeholder image It is not the first stone on the road with which the Davis Cup in recent days in relation to Covid-19. The confinement in Austria due to the wave of infections in the country led the organization of the tournament to close the entrance to the public in one of its sub-sites, Innsbruck, in which the great claim of the tournament at the international level, the number one, also competes. of the ATP ranking Novak Djokovic.

The director of the Davis Cup Finals, Fernando Verdasco, analyzed in an interview with OKDIARIO the unforeseen event caused by the closure in Austria. “The thing in Austria has been a hard blow. We had planned a 50% or 60% capacity, whatever they would leave us, and the last week everything has changed with the peaks of Austria and Germany, which in both countries are at maximum contagion peaks, “commented the visible head of Kosmos in the tournament.

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